Marine Engineer NoteBook



RhumbFleet Shop - Notebook for marine engineers. Designed by a functioning engineer with great experience. A factional solution: handbook and notebook in a single hand tool. What do you think a ship mechanic needs for a successful contract? The Marine Engineer Handbook is ideal for the machine team and indispensable for crews. Don’t have an idea what can be great gift for seafarer? RumbFleet found out way for you - our notebook is a great and practical gift, no doubt. What is the Marine Engineer Handbook from Rumba? This is a convenient А5 format, include pages with electrical trouble-shooting and 100 pages for your recordings. What information can you find in your notebook?

— Engine Room Instructions

— RT-flex Training

— Turbocharger Trouble Shooting

— Useful Electrical Formulas

— Refrigeration System Trouble Shooting

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  1. Jurgen

    Very useful! Thanks a lot!

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