Штурманский Блокнот Rev 3.1


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66 in stock


RhumbFleet Shop - uniqe mariners handbook, that you will not find anywhere else! A wonderful gift and an irreplaceable thing for any Navigational Officer - Navigational Notebook. Notebook format А5 with Spanish eco-leather cover. On the first pages, COLREG Rules from 1 to 19. Next: 100 pages for your notes. And the last pages with useful information:

-Lights and Sound Signals

- IALA buoyage System

- ECDIS Symbols

- First AID

- International signal flags

- Load Line Zones

- MARPOL Annex V

- Time Zone Map

- Compass correction calculation algorithm

- Manoeuvres man overboard;

- Beaufort Scale

- Types of fire extinguishers

- GMDSS distress signal algorithm;

- INMARSAT coverage

- NAVAREA coverage

— Правила снаряжения accommodation ladder;

— Правила снаряжения pilot ladder;

— Правила снаряжения gangway;

— Правила теники безопасности working aloft or outboard;

— Правила теники безопасности enclosed space;

— Правила теники безопасности использования breathing apparatus;

— Сигналы крановщика;

— Dangerous goods classes;

— Снаряжение спасательного плота;

- Useful mathematical formulas

-Draft Survey procedure

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